●The Guapurú or Jaboticaba gives fruit attached to their tree trunk.

The Guapurú or Jaboticaba, is a tree native to Brazil, the uniqueness of this tree, so far is the only known fruit giving this way, is that its fruits are glued to his trunk and thicker branches.

It belongs to the family Myrtaceae like guava, Guabirá, myrtle and saguinto. Its scientific name is Myrciaria cauliflora.
It is a only tree in its genre, small in size, with tortuous appearance, not have many branches, has a smooth bark, light brown color appears and it's something prickly. We can find it in the shade of larger trees.

His fruit a globose berry, almost black purple, with a diameter of 1-3 cm. It has a thin husk and juicy white flesh, it tastes sour, containing 1 to 4 seeds.

In Paraguay is known by the name Yva Guarani puru or Yva hu: iva means fruit or puru, is an onomatopoeic word that symbolizes the sound it produces the fruit to bite, it is a very popular fruit.

It can reproduce by seed, takes 1 month to germinate and about 10 years to start bearing fruit, has a slow growth.
To speed production and fruit quality reproduced by grafting.

Its white flowers are small, grouped in small clusters emerging in the trunk and its main branches, the corolla consists of four petals.

Their fresh fruits are excellent also used for making jellies, wine, candy, juice, vinegar, etc. They also have medicinal value, asthma and diarrhea and is studying its use against cancer, some compounds used to fight cancer are found in this fruit.

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