● Get to know the amazing Zeus, the Owl with eyes of sky.

Perhaps the title is an exaggeration, but if you pay attention, this owl's eyes are like the night sky.

Have you ever had seen something similar? Let's discover what the peculiar coloring of the eyes of this owl is due. Zeus is the blue eyed owl.

Zeus is a specimen of Western owl, erroneously known as Western owl and its scientific name is Western Screech-Owl. Zeus only has 10% of his vision and specialists from Wildlife Learning Center in California think that may be due to the attack of a predator or accident flight.

The Curious Owl Zeus was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy and anterior uveitis. In any case, due to its low vision, owl Zeus should be kept in captivity since release would mean certain death.

His condition is not painful to the animal and the Centre receives all necessary care and treatment. The stunning color of his eyes is the product of protein clots and pigments in the blood. The bright white pigments in contrast to the dark background make your eyes look like photographs of the night sky.

Sympathetic video of a healthy owl found on the web:

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